Ode to Caregivers

This short poem was inspired by a friend of mine who has provided care not only for her own family but also for others around her in need.  In addition to being a tribute to one special individual, these words celebrate all of those care givers who show us the capacity of the human heart for compassionate action.

Return to Sender

Burden eased by kind befriender,

A companion steadfast and true,

Broken spirits find their mender,

Begin to walk together through.


Courage fierce in the face of strife,

Ne’er daunted by the struggle great,

Relinquish freedom dear in life,

Share another’s fate.


Tending care for every need,

No hard request denied,

Proof in doing each small deed,

Of a love implied.


Where winding path finds its end,

From suffering and loss break free,

The final gift preparations to dispatch,

A light across the sea.


For support never failing trust,

Provide respite from the woe,

Repaying kindness is a must,

Here earnest blessing we bestow.


Henceforth from this very day,

Without delay or hinder,

May care equal to that given away,

Be returned to grace the sender.