Truly traditional Chinese medicine.

Amidst the rapid development of technology and medicine, it is critically important to research and preserve our heirloom medical traditions. Understanding 2,500 years of Chinese medicine is a challenging task that demands a knowledge of classical language and culture.  Here at White Pine Clinic we incorporate 30 years of Chinese scholarship and 15 years of clinical experience into every treatment. 

Traditional Consultation Room
Filling Herbal Prescriptions
Pulse Palpation

Pulse Palpation

American Ginseng

American Ginseng


Our patients quickly discover that acupuncture is not simply an alternative to chemical or surgical treatment.  Guided by the traditional Chinese medical theory, acupuncture restores the deep connective pathways in the body.

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Herbal medicine

Personalized care is the essence of Chinese medicine.  Unlike most American clinics that rely on tablets and pills, we specialize in modifying time-tested classic formulas to best meet the individual needs of each patient.

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