1.      Treatments from a practitioner who has successfully treated thousands of patients

2.      Some of the best rates for personalized Chinese medical care available

3.      Prescriptions from a seasoned veteran who has taught over 5,000 hours of herbal medicine classes

4.      Complete and accurate diagnosis of complex conditions

5.      Classical treatments using traditional formulas and acupuncture methods

6.      Customized herbal prescriptions following the Chinese model

7.      Only the highest quality needles WITHOUT SILICONE LUBRICANT

8.      60 to 90 minute appointments allow the time you need for quality care

9.      Every treatment includes complimentary far-infrared therapy

10.  Free educational experiences for the public

11.  Your White Pine practitioner reads the Chinese medical literature only available in Chinese

12.  Our sister business is the only Arizona dispensary offering a full-selection of China's most respected brand of granules

13.  Acupuncture care in private, comfortable treatment rooms with music and temperature adjusted to your preference

14.  We are Chinese medicine experts, not one-stop-shopping for trendy therapies

15.  Convenient scheduling with weekend availability

16.  A non-toxic environment utilizing recycled supplies and green custodial care

17.  Online resources including lectures and original translations

18.  Patients receive counseling about how to use self-care to improve their conditions

19.  Locally and family owned and operated business

20.  Access to exclusive proprietary Chinese herbal liniments and preparations

21.  Treatment tables feature comfortable and supportive memory foam

22.  All Chinese herbal dietary supplements are safe and GMP-certified

23.  Clinic utilizes state-of-the-art electronic health care records

24.  All adjunct therapies, including cupping, are provided at no extra charge

25.  No gowns or special attire needed for acupuncture treatment

26.  Acupuncture is performed privately with no observers or assistants

27.  Special discounts available for patients who qualify

28.  Clinic rooms are decorated with original 18th and 19th century Japanese brush paintings

29.  Treatment linens are all 100% comfortable cotton

30.  Clinic provides reverse osmosis filtered water stored in a glass container

31.  Only premium smokeless moxibustion used to maintain good indoor air quality

32.  Personal attention with a maximum of two patients

33.  Clinic is located in a convenient and safe neighborhood

35.  Lunchtime appointments available for busy professionals

36.  White Pine Clinic accepts all major credit cards

37.  Our organic buckwheat hull pillows are firm but comfortable

39.  Specialists in treating dermatological conditions

40.  Treatment rooms choices with natural light or dimmed lights for optimal relaxation

41.  Having lived and studied in Asia for 7 years we only provide authentic Chinese medical care

42.  Recycled examination table sheeting paper keeps treatment tables sanitary and clean

43.  Our scheduling minimizes your time sitting in the waiting area

44.  Your White Pine clinician is a dietary specialist who can offer you helpful advice

45.  Experienced in pediatrics and geriatrics

46.  Treatment for everything from common conditions to rare diseases

47.  Our clinic is accessible to disabled patients

48.  We are educators and are always happy to answer all of your questions

49.  With 16 years of experience in southern Arizona, we are familiar with local diseases

50.  Chinese medicine is a wonderful way of life for us that we want to share with you