What Our Patients Say

Wonderful Clinic

"I am very impressed with this wonderful clinic.  I was made to feel comfortable and informed about my health concerns.  I felt better after the first treatment.  I am excited to see how much better I feel as I continue my treatments and herbal tea.  Thank you David!”

Authentically Amazing!

“Recently I had been suffering from a severe cold with no relief.  After an acupuncture treatment, David prescribed Chinese medicine which I could feel working the first day and had me feeling substantially better the second.  I’m his patient for life!”

Quality Service and Results

“David takes time to understand how your body is working as a whole and not just the symptom bothering you at the moment.  His holistic approach and kind demeanor is refreshing and appreciated.”


“David has done amazing things for both my mom and sister.  I am glad I finally took their advice and went to him.  I was so impressed with his knowledge, concern and care for me.”

Works Wonders for your Body

“Anytime my back goes out I go to David 1st.  He works wonders and fixes my back every time.  I have blown out my back twice and each time I go straight to David each time he gets it to go right back into place.  Which gets me walking straight again.  I will go to David anytime over any doctor or specialist to have my back fixed.”

Excellent for Entire Family’s Needs

“David Price is my first line of defense for all of my family’s health needs, including Pediatrics!  David is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in the health care field.  He is compassionate and makes you feel very comfortable; while listening to what’s going on and providing answers that make sense.  Regardless of the issue, David can explain what’s going on and provides effective treatment.  My daughter has benefited from David’s herbal prescription expertise since she was a baby.”

Simply Wonderful

“What makes White Pine Clinic different is the caring compassion that goes into your whole body treatment.  The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines are amazingly beneficial—my ‘brain fog”—disappeared four days after my first visit.  David Price willingly answers all of my questions and dispenses invaluable information.  Serenity Wu chooses the best Chinese medicine available and adds her special brand of sweetness to the office.”

Quality Care, Experience, Knowledge is Found at White Pine Clinic

“Being in the health field for over 30 years, I look for quality, compassion, and knowledge before I refer any of my friends or clients.  David Price is an excellent acupuncturist.  He’s available to answer your questions and teach the benefits of this healing profession.  I enjoy being able to go to someone when I feel ill and trust they can help me heal.  I find this experience at White Pine Clinic.”

Best Acupuncturist and Herbalist I’ve Ever Met

“This couple, David Price and Serenity Wu, are the best.  They know what they are talking about when it comes to herbal medicine and acupuncture.  They don’t just give you generic pills, but instead make you a tea, this is just for your body.  David seems to be a compulsive studier, which I appreciate, and he knows his medicine and acupuncture.  Their prices are reasonable and knowledge outstanding.  They seem to be in business because they love it, not just to make a buck.  I would highly recommend them.”

Great Place!

“If you are looking for the best in the west, then this is the place.  There is always a relaxing atmosphere and affordable price.  Thank you, David and Serenity.  I am so glad I found you!!”

Awesomely Great

“My husband, who has severe back pain and has had 6 hip surgeries, has gone from using a walking 100% to using his cane 20%, and I am sure he will go to using his cane all the time due to coming to White Pine Clinic.  Much love for David and Serenity.”

Best Clinic

“David is the best doctor ever.   I have been told that I have to have back surgery, and I have gotten so much better.  I love, love coming here, and I have reduced my pain medicine due to coming here.”

Love this Place

“LOVE this place!  So blessed that one of my friends recommended them!  Friendly and pleasant ALWAYS!  Very well run facility.  Unbelievably flexible on scheduling.  Best of all, they are very knowledgeable on the Chinese medicine, but also extremely well-schooled and up-to-date on Western medicine, as well.  Would HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE young & old and in between!”

A Life Saver

“After a workmen’s comp diagnosis came back with a devastating conclusion, I opted to take the leap from Western to Eastern medicine treatment.  David was a lifesaver.  His treatments provided me with the pain relief that I was seeking.  I hate to think about what condition I would be in today if I had not believed in what David was telling me.  I recommend the White Pine Clinic to everyone I speak with who is experiencing pain.  Thank you, David!”

Powerful acupuncture

“I’ve been to many acupuncturists but Dr. Price stands out as the best acupuncturist I’ve ever been to.  He is really a powerful healer.  After every appointment I leave feeling better.  I am truly impressed with both the acupuncture treatments and the high quality herbal prescriptions which are like drinking hot tea that tastes good!  One of the main issues the doctor has helped me with is my insomnia caused by stress.  Now I’m sleeping through the night, something I haven’t done in years!”

Acupuncture from a Master

“If you’ve ever considered acupuncture, please consider going to see David at White Pine Clinic to find out what it is about and what it can do for you.  David has worked as a Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist for over 15 years.  The clinic is relaxed and informal.  I can say from personal experience that he can work wonders for those of you with GERD or reflux.”

 Great People

“David and Serenity are caring individuals who give one on one attention where it is needed and do not try and sell you anything you do not want.”

Great Place!

“Great place!  Was feeling stressed from work and left feeling relaxed.  Bought some Lumbex to help with a shoulder pain, too.  Thanks, David and Serenity.”

Extremely Helpful with Post Car Accident Stress & Whiplash

“I had a standing appointment with David Price a day after I had been involved in a car accident which I walked away from.  Thankfully, I showed David pictures of my car from the day before.  He decided to use acupuncture points relating to whiplash & stress.  When I left his office, I felt SO much better!  The stress of the previous day’s event was gone from my brain & stayed that way so I slept well that night.  My body felt completely unencumbered of any pain or tightness!  Thank You!”

The Best

“Dr. David is excellent at listening, diagnosing and solving whatever physical issues I have.  He is very knowledgeable and competent, and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in choosing this type of treatment.”

New to Chinese Medicine

“I am new to Chinese Medicine.  I did not have a pleasant first experience with the acupuncture treatments.  The needles were very painful and after three visits I decided it wasn’t for me.  Still dealing with the pain in my foot, a friend recommended David at White Pine Clinic to me.  With hesitation, I decided to give David a try.  I have seen David twice and I can say both visits with David have been very pleasant.  His technique is gentle and his knowledge outstanding.  I would recommend him.”

Progress through Auto-Immune & Related Issues

“In addition to offering acupuncture treatments, White Pine Clinic carries high quality Chinese Herbs that provide additional support.  With his deep knowledge & experience, David’s treatments & individualized herbal prescriptions are helping me find my way back to health.  I highly recommend David & White Pine Clinic.”

Pain Relief

“I’ve been going to David for the past 4 years for relief of pain due to a compound fracture of an ankle.  Acupuncture has relieved the pain immensely and David is a joy to visit.  He is brilliant!”

Acupuncture Helped Me Get through Chemotherapy

“Having finished 4 cycles of chemotherapy.  I credit acupuncture and the herbs that David prescribed for getting me through it all.  I now go once a month or sooner if needed.”


“David is very knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and always tends to my current situation.  I feel great after every visit!”

Recommend White Pine Clinic to family and friends

“My experience with White Pine Clinic has been nothing but positive.  David’s knowledge of Chinese medicine has helped me tremendously.  After my acupuncture treatment I feel so much better.  My mind is clearer and I feel energized.”


"I find White Pine Clinic very friendly.  They listen to your concerns and provide very good treatment, showing concern about the individual.  I would recommend them to my family and friends!”

Diabetes Unsure

“Two years ago a friend said I should try acupuncture.  I was a little unsure at first, but the last couple of years the burning in my legs and feet has decreased by 50% if not more.”

Broad Spectrum of Healing

“I highly recommend David.  His herbal knowledge & practical experience gives depth to his practice.  He cares for you with thoughtful attention, sensitivity, humor & responsiveness.  I was referred to David because of his expertise in prescribing herbs.  I first came to the clinic with a skin issue, which was resolved.  We’re now addressing other underlying health issues.  I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the benefits & positive shifts in other aspects of my ‘Being’.”

Feeling Good

“I’ve been seeing David for treatments on my ankle for a few years now.  Having received a poor prognosis from a severely fractured ankle in 2008, I turned to acupuncture for pain relief.  I thank David for relieving my pain almost daily.  He is such a nice person, easy to talk to, and so intelligent.  I will continue my visits and recommend David to anyone in pain or discomfort.”

Amazing Results

“I have PCOS and depression, and I have been seeing David for about 4 months.  He is absolutely amazing.  He always answers any questions I have about acupuncture, history, and just stuff in general.  He is funny, nice, and effective. I have seen results quickly, and I just love my weekly sessions.  I feel so relaxed and happy now and am positive about life.  I’m a new person.”

I Love Natural Chinese Medicine

“With Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture when needed to help the herbal script to go deeper or cure the real issue.  Plus I like a Dr. that has that balance of Intuitive and Knowledge that go hand in hand these days of trusting the Dr. working on you…Dr. David has all of these plus the kindness of caring!  Thank you!”

What a Difference…

“Between the treatments, and the (lovingly entitled) “dirt” (herbal prescription), I feel better than ever.  NO sign of allergies this year, which in itself is amazing…and, overall, a great sense of well-being.  Many thanks to David…yippee to life!”

Life Changing

“I have been seeing David regularly for five years.  When I started, I was popping prescription and over-the-counter meds at the rate of about a dozen a day.  Today, at 55, I need no Western medicines, not even NSAIDS, and I’m healthier than I was at 30.  David’s Chinese language skills, extensive training and critical thinking abilities set him apart.  He is also a master of Chinese herbs, something that’s rare in Tucson.  Plus, he’s a nice guy.  I recommend him highly.”


“On Tuesday David gave me a treatment because I was having digestive issues.  It’s now Thursday evening.  Since the treatment I’ve had no issues or pain for the first time in weeks.  Amazing.  I am very grateful that over the years, he has helped me have a better quality of life.”

First Visit Experience

“First visit—very positive.  All questions answered truthfully & thoroughly.  David’s experience and background are quite reassuring; his experience provides many options for treating my situation.  When on the procedure table for the acupuncture treatment, I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.  There were some positive results after my first visit, and I look forward to future treatments.”


David is a wonderful practitioner and a wonderful person.  He listens and takes the time to understand your situations and then keeps on trying until something works.  I would highly recommend David and am grateful someone recommended him to me.”


“My massage therapist suggested acupuncture since I was always so tense from the pressures of my job.  I really wanted a natural way to deal with the symptoms and gave it a try.  I was very impressed with David.  He answered all of my questions both before and after the treatment.  I was amazed at the difference I felt after just two visits!  I would highly recommend White Pine Clinic to anyone searching for a natural way to deal with that life throws at us.  Thanks David!”

White Pine Clinic

“I had severe neck pain.  As I believe in acupuncture, I visited White Pine Clinic and was very satisfied with their service and knowledge.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needed acupuncture treatments.”

Very productive Practice and Very Affordable

“Great session!  I am feeling better today from the session yesterday!  I was referred by a happy client, too.  I am going to make an appointment for my sister!  Thanks, David!”

The Cough that Wouldn’t Go Away!

“Well, let me begin with I tried everything—antibiotics, allergy meds, inhalers (which really didn’t agree with me), and I had a chest x-ray.  This began in October of 2010.  Finally, in July of 2011, I began seeing David.  I had never had acupuncture or taken Chinese medications before and what a difference they made.  My chest is clearing and the tightness I felt is gone, plus I have had no ‘weird’ side effects.  I wish I hadn’t put up with feeling lousy for so long.  Thank you David!”


“At 53 I have been dealing with back pain on and off since I was 20.  At 40 it began to impede upon my everyday activities.  Diagnosed with severe arthritis, I tried physical therapy, Chiropractic, pain management centers using epidurals and RF.  Everything thus far was offering short term relief.  I just saw David for the 3rd time and I am refreshingly optimistic based on what I feel so far.  I am definitely going to continue seeing him!”

Pamper Yourself at White Pine Clinic

“Not only is David Price a knowledgeable and accomplished practitioner, his ‘bedside’ manner is about the best I have ever met.  Whether it has been a long time or a short time since I have been in to see him, he remembers what is important in my life and that kind of caring is hard to find!  Thank you David!”


“I’ve only had one appointment at the clinic and things were explained.  The history of the procedure was given which I found very interesting.  David seems to be a very intelligent young man and my hope is that he can help me.”


“I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 20 years.  I have gone to hundreds of doctors, finding very little relief.  I spent 2 years studying herbology and, at the end of my study, I came to the conclusion that herbs were not going to offer any type of restoration for people who suffered with fibro.  When I came to David’s office, he put me on special herbal teas, and they began to loosen up tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, and other areas.  I recommend anyone with fibro to see David!”

Everything is Better at White Pine Clinic!

“I am so thankful to have been referred to White Pine Clinic/David Price a few years ago.  And, I am thankful every visit, during, before and after really!  I cannot rave enough about my experience and benefits.  Truly, as I have been known to state emphatically, “Everything is better at White Pine Clinic!”  I am thrilled to be on this journey with David.  I wish this joy, treatment, and process for everyone.”

Feeling Better All The Time

“I have, so far, had 3 visits with David and my 4th is already scheduled.  Having been in pain for the past 18 months from a severely broken ankle, I find acupuncture has been the only treatment I’ve found that has helped me.  I am now walking without pain, moving faster all the time, and able to enjoy the simplest of pleasures like going for a long walk with my husband.  I recommend David, White Pine, and acupuncture to anyone who is looking for a relief.”