Traditional Chinese Pharmacy

Traditional Chinese Pharmacy


comprehensive chinese medical care

A familiar Chinese saying states "A trip of a thousand li (miles) begins with a single step".  Scheduling a session for Chinese medical treatment is your first step towards enjoying greater physical, mental, and emotional health.  Our clinic is currently accepting new patients and welcomes you.

We practice TCM-style Chinese medicine in the jing fang or classical medicine tradition learned from our mentors.  It has been our good fortune to have personally studied under some of the greatest living Chinese doctors, experts such as Zhang Guang Hua and Bob Flaws.  If you are interested in learning more about Chinese medicine and practice, please check out our LECTURES series.

In order to provide an accurate TCM diagnosis, we utilize the four examinations:  inspection, listening and smelling, inquiry, and palpation.  Just as a Western medical doctor depends on lab tests and imaging to make a correct diagnosis, the Chinese medical doctor relies on the findings from the four examinations.  The inquiry examination includes new patient paperwork which we ask you to print out, complete, and bring in for your first office call. 

In preparation for your treatment, please refrain from brushing or scraping your tongue to insure the accuracy of the inspection examination.  If you are going to receive a treatment, you should

  • not receive acupuncture when fasting or immediately after a meal
  • avoid sex and vigorous physical activity prior to your treatment
  • not receive acupuncture when overly tired or emotionally distraught

Please expect anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes for your treatment.  The session consists of a brief interview, tongue inspection, and palpation of the pulse followed by a treatment lasting for about 20 to 45 minutes.  All acupuncture treatments occur in private rooms on comfortable tables with music and temperature adjusted to the client's preference. Please be considerate of others and avoid using any fragrances or strong smelling body care products.  Herbal consultations, for both adult and pediatric patients, usually require about 30 minutes.