Our Services

For the last 15 years, we have made acupuncture accessible to those in need with discounted rates and currently offer care for less than 50% of the national average of $85.  At the same time, we understand that safe and effective treatment demands private, personalized treatment.  Confident that you will not find a better value for high quality care, all of our rates are clearly listed here.

  • First Office Call $75 - First and second treatments and prescription*
  • Return Office Call $50 - Treatment and prescription
  • Frequent Treatment Discount $40 - Treatment and prescription
  • Herbal Consultation $30 - Examination and prescription
  • CHA $110 - First and second treatments, prescription, and written report

*Prescriptions as necessary.  The fees only cover formula composition.  Custom formulas are filled through Serenity Herbs and Supplements and are usually an additional $40 plus tax.